Wow! Week 11


The class tonight was on data analysis and how data can be manipulated to give a different story.  In groups we  looked at different types of graphs out determined what information we got out of them.  Ken had already given us a rundown on what to look out for such as headings, the Y axis information and the X axis information.

Then we went over assignment 3.  I plan to print out the power point Ken showed us as it will be a big help when doing the assignment.  My main concern is getting all the referencing correct.

I also dished out the printed copies of group assignment 2.  Everyone in the group looked pleased with the result, this was the first time that any of them had seen it in print form.  I also mentioned to Ken that although there were page numbers missing on the print out the electronic one the pages numbers were there.  I know that this was an error at the printers not our due to the fact the numbers were on the electronic version.  Fingers crossed Ken will take this into account.





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