Week 5 – Week of the Powhiri


It was a good session tonight.  The librarian come to our class and took us through how to search the library website for books and articles via the business database and Newztext Plus.  The quiz followed which was on  information gathering, it was pretty straight forward.

The discussion then went on to holding meetings which included  watching a funny video starring John Cleese.  I plan to go back to view the 5 essentials for holding a meeting.

]Ken talked about the Powhiri and I was sorry I missed it.  Ken showed us a video of a Powhiri that was amazing.  The warriors lay down a challenge for the visitors to pick up.  Then we saw an action dance that was pretty impressive.

Our group (Delta) picked the Maori business ‘Footprints Waipou’.  This is a small business but sounds interesting, the founder Koro Carmen is an old Unitec student and our lecturer knew him.  We all picked a question to gather information on and organised to meet at my house on the 9th to correlate our information.

I am looking forward to working with this group they include 2 Kiwis, 1 from Turkey and 2 from China, it should be fun.




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