My thoughts on Supply Chain Management

If I owned a business I would certainly like to know every item coming in and going out is being tracked, from the time you ‘buy it’ as inventory in the door, to on the floor production, through to the end destination of the customer.  This all done in a timely and cost efficient way is vital to any business and a good supply chain management system is essential for this.

With most customers and suppliers being global tracking across many countries is a huge challenge and being effective with logistics is the key to success.

Technology has changed how customers deal with companies. Customers can now order via a website driving and initiating the supply chain process.

The Inventory

A CSM system can be configured to suit the particular industry of the business and streamline processes.  The use of RF scanners, with wireless networks, bar coding and terminals is an efficient way of tracking inventory and where the product is in the production line.  A centralised location of information keeps everyone involved  ‘in the loop’ The added visibility of tracking inventory in ‘real time’ with immediate feedback,  reduces costs associated with excess inventory being stored on shelves and alerts to any inventory shortfalls that may put production off track.

The Environment 

A system where suppliers, manufacturers, logistics and retailers collaborate can have a huge impact on not only the top and bottom line but also on the environment.  With each one working together through the system creating efficiencies unnecessary deliveries can be eliminated.  This helps to reduce  a companies carbon footprint and associated costs as well as the environment.


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