Google Privacy Policy Changes

The amazing progress with smartphones and tablets that we find are embedded in our lifes comes at a cost.

It is the power of our private information that drives these devices. The more we look and buy via the Internet we more of our personal data is being captured by others. With google now consolidating their privacy polices and the combining of information from all its services our google experience is no longer a ‘individual’ one.

A few steps you can take are:

Go to your google account dashboard and disable your web history.

Go to googles ad preference page and opt-out of personalised advertising.

Use an alternative search engine such as bing or yahoo.

Ask yourself – do you want google to decide what you want and when they think you should want it?

Perhaps we are a few steps away from them using our bank account details, on our computers to purchase the items they think we should have based on their profile of us.


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